Social Equity and Crime Justice

Current police practices highlight racial disparities throughout our nation, state, and even in our own community. This leads to a distrust of police. When individuals don’t trust the people that are supposed to serve and protect them, massive issues arise.

Add to that a cash bail system that perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Cash bail drives a narrative of guilt simply because a person can’t make bail.

It’s time for reform.

My opponent Dan Brady voted against a measure that would require police departments to keep records of racial profiling.

I speak boldly and definitively against police brutality and strongly feel the cash bail system needs to be abolished.

When in office, I will help ensure our justice system works for everyone!

Environment and Climate Control

Climate change is an inevitable hurdle that our world is facing every day. While there are larger steps that governments around the world are taking to combat climate change, it is the duty of local governments to do their part as well. This can be done by taking innovative steps towards a healthier community.

Throughout my time on City Council, I have taken steps to make Bloomington-Normal a greener place to live. I have voted in favor of tree studies, increasing green space, and maintaining storm water reserves.

I will maintain my stance on climate issues as your representative and will continue to work with local organizations to better represent our district.

Gun Safety

Gun safety is a heavy topic for many Americans, but when it comes down to it, precautions are not being taken to ensure safety in our communities. Gun violence is a serious issue and cannot be fixed with temporary solutions.

Dan Brady voted against state-level background checks and a 72 hour waiting period to purchase firearms. I believe that the lives of victims of gun violence and domestic abuse should be a priority over the availability of guns. The government should be able to control who possesses a firearm based on histories of violence and mental health issues.

As your representative, I will continue to balance my belief in the second amendment and the safety of our constituents.


Students in Illinois are facing serious disparities in quality of education. In both inner city and rural communities, lower income students are not treated as equal in educational environments. Class sizes are increasing, students are going home hungry, and are not being given an equal education as students from wealthier backgrounds.

While in office, Dan Brady voted against providing all students with lunches and voted against reducing class sizes. Due to my personal experience growing up in Cleveland, I believe no student should leave school feeling hungry and unsure of where their next meal will come from.

Every student should be given equal opportunities to perform in school and given the resources to succeed.

As representative of the 105th district, I will take pride in supporting every student’s right to an education and basic living standards.


Living in the middle of a pandemic, millions of Americans have lost their health insurance. It is the duty of government to provide for its citizens in times of crisis and beyond.

By reforming government sponsored health insurance programs and laws, our state will be more prepared and able to care for all citizens.

When confronted on how he will lower healthcare costs, Dan Brady takes pride in putting a cap on insulin prices and focuses on taking steps little by little. This is simply not enough.

It is my belief that the healthcare crisis should be reformed on a larger scale, providing Americans with adequate medical care regardless of income.

When in office, I will continue to support medicare for all and enact laws that require insurance companies to grant their customers safe and protected healthcare.

Progressive/Fair Tax

The ‘Flat Tax’ system in Illinois not only allows the highest income individuals to avoid paying their fair share in taxes, but puts middle and lower class families at a disadvantage.

Dan Brady has continuously spread misinformation about the graduated income taxes effect on working class families. I encourage voters to do their own research on how the Fair Tax will affect working class families; by taxing the wealthiest 3% in our state their share of income, the other 97% of Illinoisans will have no change or even reduced taxes in coming years.

Learn how Fair Tax will affect your family. It will be my duty as the representative of the 105th district to encourage citizens to vote “yes” in November in support of Fair Tax and continue to ensure equality for the working class in Illinois.

Women's Rights

Our country is taking steps backwards when it comes to women’s healthcare. Women are losing protections for receiving abortions, accessing birth control, and choosing how they take care of their bodies.

Dan Brady has voted against requiring birth control coverage and egg/sperm preservation.

I believe that each woman should have the choice to control her body, and it is not moral for the government to choose for her. I will proudly continue to support women’s choice throughout Illinois as your representative.


Members of the LGBTQIA+ community continue to face discrimination years after Illinois legalized same-sex marriage. Trans folk are stripped of their basic rights as American citizens and continue to fight for medical care and antidiscrimination in the workplace.

Dan Brady voted against legalizing same-sex marriage in 2013. He also voted against granting tuition assistance to transgender individuals in 2019.

I am a strong supporter in spreading love, and respecting humanity regardless of their color, creed, or sexuality.

I will continue to fight for the rights of all citizens, and speak up for members of the LGBTQIA+ community that are dismissed by other government leaders.